Amegari Dzanga 195 BIG CUP

$149.00 - $159.00 (Inc. GST)
$135.45 - $144.55 (Ex. GST)

Amegari Dzanga 195 BIG CUP

195mm Bubbletrail Sweeping Popper BIG CUP POP! (40mm cup)

Larger Cup version of the Amegari Dzanga 195 (32mm Cup)

Amegari GT Toys are 100% handcrafted and shaped according to Orkatz’s selected prototypes. Everything is crafted 100% by hand at Amegari’s workshop using no automation. Every lure is designed first and foremost to deliver MAXIMUM ACTION. Crafted from paulownia and treated to a rigorous build process that delivers a brutally hard sealed coating, yet natural buoyancy and action.

Long hard jerks for radical splashing & turbulence.

Long smooth jerks for loud popping, dive swimming & bubble trail.

Short jerks/stabs for a head down Pop (tuna love this retrieve!)

Length: 195mm

Weight: Approx 90g

Rec. hooks: Shout Treble 31 5/0s, Shout Kudako 6/0 or 7/0 singles, Jignesis 9/0 singles

Magnificent with 2x 5/0 Gamakatsu Recorders!