Amegari Flavie 110 48g S&P Series (ABS)


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Amegari Flavie 110 48g S&P Series (ABS) Fast Sinking Stickbait

Amegari Sweep & Pause Series; 110mm 48g Sinking Stickbait ABS Construction

One of the most lively action stickbait on the market, now super tuned and available in ABS! The Flavie 110 48g is a fast sinking versatile all round stickbait. The Flavie is well proven with it's massive swimming action to get bites in all conditions. A great slack line sweep and pause retrieve, but can also get great results with an erractic twitching action. The Flavie flutters on the drop and this little lure really has it all! At 110mm, this is the perfect size sinking stickbait for exploring and chasing pelagics. Inshore, offshore, bluewater, you need these in your kit!

Like all Amegari lures, this is built premium and strong. Not your usual ABS molded lures, these guys are fully wired with 1.6mm through wiring and come rigged and ready to go with BKK Raptor trebles.

Developed in collaboration with Labana Studios, these Amegari S&P range will rewrite lures forever!

110mm long (4.3")

48g (1.7oz) 

Rigged with BKK Raptor Trebles

Also available in a Slow Sink 30g model:

Amegari Flavie 110 48g S&P Series (ABS)

Amegari Flavie 110 48g S&P Series (ABS)

Amegari Flavie 110 48g S&P Series (ABS)