Amegari Flavie 180S Sinking Stickbait

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Amegari Flavie 180S Sinking Stickbait

180mm Sinking Stickbait!

Timber sinking stick bait form Sapele timber. Amegari Flavie has been tuned and evolved to be a sensational all round stickbait with crazy action!

Sinks horizontal and flutters on the drop!

BRILLIANT FOR TUNA! Also ideal for Yellowtail Kingfish and all bluewater predatory fish.

Reef edges and bombies especially

Retrieve techniques:

* Level sink, flutter on drop

* Short stabs on retrieve or long sweeps

* WTD Twitching for wide side to side swim

* Work the depth by letting sink


A huge favourite of the Amegari guys! Foil finished

Rigging: Shout Treble 31 4/0 Or Shout Ringed Kudako in 6/0


Approx 115g