Amegari Flavie 220F Stickbait

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Amegari Flavie 220F

220mm Floating Stickbait, huge action!

Flavie has been tuned and evolved to be a sensational all round stickbait with crazy action! Designed for Tuna, this size is a brilliant GT lure but also ideal for XL Yellowtail Kingfish and all bluewater predatory fish due to it's huge surface spalshing and swimming action.

Retrieve techniques:

* WTD Twitching

* Fast skipping retrieve with short stabs

* Sweeps (long or short) on slack line.


A huge favourite of the Amegari guys & Saltwater Prodigy Flynn Cypher! Foil finish, carved from Paulownia

Rigging: GT Recorder 5/0 trebles or Shout Treble 31 6/0, Or Shout Ringed Kudako in 7/0 or 8/0 if you prefer singles

220mm, approx 130-140g