Amegari Urpekari 160 S&P Series (ABS)


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Amegari Urpekari 160 S&P Series (ABS) Diving Popper

Amegari Sweep & Pause Series; 160mm Floating Diving Popper ABS Construction

One of the most versatile premium timber lures on the market, now super tuned and available in ABS! The Urpekari has it all, an amazing sweep that produces long bubble trails, holds huge amounts of water for it's size and will perform in all conditions. You can also walk the dog easily, splashing and flashing it's sides to trigger fish, perfect after a long sweep or mix up the actions. A short stab will keep the Urpekari in the strike zone, and splash like a regular popper. At 160mm, this is the perfect size topwater lure for everything. Kingfish, tuna down south and everything in the tropics will monster this. Think trevally, queenies, bass, huge Coral Trout, Mackerel, you name it!

Like all Amegari lures, this is built premium and strong. Not your usual ABS molded lures, these guys are fully wired with 1.6mm through wiring and come rigged and ready to go with BKK Raptor trebles.

Developed in collaboration with Labana Studios, these Amegari S&P range will rewrite lures forever! SENSATIONAL TUNA AND KINGFISH DIVING POPPER!

160mm long (6.3")

60g (2.1oz) 

Rigged with BKK Raptor Trebles.

FOR SINGLE RIGGING: Add Gamakatsu Single Lure HD hooks, size 7/0: CLICK HERE 

Amegari Urpekari 160 S&P Series (ABS)

Amegari Urpekari 160 S&P Series (ABS)

Amegari Urpekari 160 S&P Series (ABS)