Angry Panda Hanzo 40 stickbait

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Angry Panda Hanzo 40 stickbait

Favourite Small flats and pelagic stick bait!

Hanzo 40 is an aggressive swimming floating timber stickbait that is perfect for flats fishing and as a light tackle all round stickbait. Like it's big brother, the Hanzo 120, this new addition to the Angry Panda Lures range is built to last with one piece through wiring harness, reinforced nose and tail and only the very best quality belly swivel that money can buy. The Hanzo is an epic all round flats lure for tropical waters and also at home with it's splashy swim for kingfish, tuna, huge salmon and other southern species. Angry Panda Hanzo 40 swims with a wide and aggressively seductive ‘S Swim’ and a body roll that predatory fish cannot resist. It pops to the surface and exposes it’s nose at rest, ready for another sweep and swim. Can also be fished with a fast twitch's, or a tip down walk the dog style retrieve. This stickbait is a true allrounder and hang on, because EVERYTHING EATS THESE! During prototype testing, big GTs of all sizes, Napoleon Wrasse, Tuna, kingfish, coral trout, bass, cuda, and loads of reef species smashed this, all across Australia!

  • Body Length: Approx 160mm
  • Weight (unrigged): Approx 39 to 42g
  • 1.6mm Stainless Steel fully through wired
  • Premium NT Belly Swivel
  • Floats nose up at rest
  • Recommended rigging; 2x Shout Treble 31 Size 1/0 trebles

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