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Back to Bali – time for some GT’s

Fresh back from tangling with dozens of sailfish in Malaysia I was a little no-plussed about fishing at the moment.  Good friend Mark Harris had likewise just returned from Southern Oman dealing with many GT’s the size of a small car!  An invite came in to join Mark and Adhek aboard GT 1 for a spot of popping at Batu Abah – and why not the turning weather and water temperatures suggested thing were on the ‘up’, lets do it so what if I fished 20 odd days last month – it’s time to go again!  
The Batu Abah site was fairly wicked today but not so much through massive current, but more a large swell running against it.  The morning turned out to be fruitless on the GT front, and I began to wonder, was it indeed the fruit?  Adhek does not subscribe to the theory of bananas bring bad luck to boats obviously, although they were delicious.  Adhek predicted a 2 pm bite window on the falling tide as he had enjoyed
8 bites there the previous day, who could argue?  At 1.45 we had a
double hook up with Mark temporarily connected to what seems to have
been a yellowfin tuna and I scored a nice black GT.  We were on the
board and Adhek was spot on with his prediction – basically just do what
he says!   Soon after Mark had another missed hook up and I came up tight on a
very solid fish that peeled 80 meters of PE8 against a locked drag and
unceremoniously bricked me as only good GT’s can…. grrrrrr.  Mark soon
followed up with a modest sized GT again in full dark coloration.  The
experts believe that this is the spawning color of males and
interestingly enough this fish was leaking milt, quite unusual that both
fish landed were of this dark coloration.  Successful lures were Adhek
Big Buffalo popper, Adhek Penipen, and a River 2 Sea Doggie sinking
stick bait.  As always a pleasant day on Bali’s best GT boat.

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