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Back to Whangaroa – New Zealand Kingfish and Mako’s

Having the chance to again head to New Zealand there was no hesitation.  I had last visited in 2011 – that time enjoying some insane inshore light tackle sport fishing.  This trip, we were more intent on kingfish than ever but of course the weather had its say in things and what could have been four days offshore was more like one and a half.  When we could get to our intended shoals and pinnacles it did not disappoint.  There were some quality kingfish about who were obliging in smashing jigs and lures fish to 16 kilograms were encountered with some battles won, some lost. The masses of silver trevally and kahawai working the surface was also attracting numerous mako sharks – we started to suffer a few losses of kings to them so for a couple of hours we were a little distracted by some blue dynamite – raising 6 mako’s without an effective berley trail would be unheard of in my home waters – that just how many were about!  This is an incredibly beautiful and fishy place.  The next time I get to visit New Zealand it will be to the Ranfurly Banks in November, already I am counting down the days.
Successful lures:
Jigging Master Fallings
Williamson Benthos
Adhek Ghost
Strategic Angler Frantic
and live bait

A big buckle on – jigging was the most productive method this time around

Alan displays a lovely fish – this one we kept, smoked and sashimi – delightful

Plenty of rats amongst the better fish

Kev loves his kingys!

On the mat

Masses of schooling silver trevally – 50 fish deep!

Mako’s a plenty

The crew of “Striker” hooked up
The numbers of mako’s present was amazng

On the trace prior to release

Happy boy

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