Baitsanity Antidote 7" Glide Bait


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Baitsanity Antidote 7" Glide Bait


Baitsanity Antidote is an easy to work glide bait, perfect for Murray cod fishing and also other species like Barramundi, mulloway, flathead, saratoga, and big predators! The Baitsanity Antidote Glide Bait is a slightly smaller profile than the highly successful Explorer Glide Bait, the Baitsanity Antidote Glide Bait features a single joint construction, which allows it to methodically swim side-to-side with a wide “S” action that draws fish from all directions and generates an aggressive predatory response. It can also be fished all year round and at any retrieve speed to match any conditions you’re faced with on the water and is one of the most exciting new lures at Ebb Tide Tackle in a long time!

Molded with incredibly realistic profile from a tough ABS resin and a soft tail, the Baitsanity Antidote Glide Bait features high definition grooved scales, 3D eyes, and 3D gill plates that come to life in the water and will fool even the most wary fish into biting. Designed in the USA for bass and stripers, the hooks are super sharp and solid split rings. Targeting XL Murray Cod and big Aussie predators, most anglers will upgrade the termainals. At Ebb Tide, we reccomend using Shout Treble 21 size 2 trebles to handle the biggest and meanest fish, the Baitsanity Antidote Glide Bait offers downsized performance while maintaining trophy-caliber attraction


7.5 in long (190mm)

Available in Super Slow Sink at 2.6 oz (74g) & also Slow Sink at 2.7oz (77g)

Big profile Glide Bait fishable on nearly any tackle!