Baitsanity HatchMatch 2.0 Tail Hard PVC


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Baitsanity HatchMatch 2.0 Tail Hard PVC Upgrade

Baitsanity HatchMatch are upgrades for the Explorer Glide Bait GEN2.0 series. Change up your tails for extra attraction to your baits! Mix and match for subtle variation or to stand out from the pack to get the reaction bite! HArd PVC construction delivers a more direct glide bait style swim, a point of difference to enhance the Baitsanity Explorer Glide Bait great action. Easy as to switch this tail through using the sensational 'BaitConnec+ System' making changing the tail and complete action of you lure easy as 1,2,3. Plus the tail locks in securely so no fish is likely to rip it off!

1 per pack