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Bali Bites – Fishing Bali Update 1

Well finally the wet season has relented on Bali and this has resulted in it being a little drier, less humid, less windy and the water is warming up (despite the unseasonal spell mid March).  Most importantly the fish are starting to move.  Fishing on numerous trips has been by traditional Jukung from either Kuta fishing the Batu Belig area or better still from Serangan fishing the deeper more tidal waters out from the Nusa Dua area.  These are great fishing vessels although the outriggers make the ride very wet if there is chop.  We have also managed a few trips over to Nusa Penida, which is highly favored territory.  Indeed this water towards Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida and Lombok is spectacular and a real eye opener as to what Bali has to offer with so much bait abundant in the form of rainbow runners, fusiliers and mac tuna and funneled by at times very strong currents, this is of course what brings the GT’s.  A look at navionics charts for the area shows amazing potential for billfish and the bigger tuna.  The long line fleet working wide off Bali to the south return with plenty of marlin and yellowfin tuna to add fuel to the fire!  Whilst we have now scored plenty of deep water ruby snapper jigging and plenty of GT’s up to around the 40 kilo mark one of my main targets the dog tooth tuna remains elusive (although we have had our chances and blown it) as do the amberjack but there is plenty of time for that, the focus at the moment is still on the big Nusa Penida GT’s before the water cools off in the middle of the year.  If you ever plan a holiday to Bali, consider a days fishing with one of the islands better operators.  Please contact me for recommendations.  Please enjoy some images from the first three months, when the time is right I cant wait to write about this place!    

A very special big GT taken on an Adhek Pom Pom aboard the aptly named GT1 with local pioneer Adhek Amerta

Don’t you love a chopped up popper?

The locals are a resourceful lot!

Lembongan with Nusa Penida behind – the local fisherman in Jakung troll for small tuna

Double hook up on ruby snapper

Matt Cini sweats it up after pulling this ruby up from 200 meters!

Jigging is the name of the game when the fish are not switched onto surface presentations

One of the local Serangan fisherman hooked up tight

Fast Edi with happy clients from a days jigging

Greedy guts

Mark Harris getting stretched by a nice GT at Batu Abah on board GT1

Fisherman’s hut at Batu Abah

Catch and release of GT’s is mandatory aboard GT1, from the moment a fish hits the deck for a de-hooking and photo, the welfare of the GT is the priority.

Mark Harris is a top water specialist in Bali

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