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Blaze Garage – how to build a quality stickbait part 2

Continued on from part 1…. (click to view)

Several coats of wood sealant are now applied

We take this very next step very seriously, to make sure
that our lure is durable after many hits from GT or any other sharp toothed fish a lure can taken on water. So after wood
seal is applied, we submerge our lure into the water for 2 days.

As you can see the weight is 83 grams and if you recall the weight was 82.8 grams. So this proves that there was no water
penetrating into the wood itself and the gaining of 0.2 grams was most likely
came from the wood sealer.

Prepping for painting. The color of the base painting
depends on which color of the lure will be.

While you let the color dry, you can start cutting the
foil or sticker that you will be use for the lure. As for us, we have a
template of the lure that we will be cutting.

We trace our template onto the foil.

Next.. probably the most annoying part.. making scales…

There are quite a few ways you can make the scales but this
is the easiest way and probably the most popular way.

Time to transfer the foil onto the lure. We use masking tape
to make our job easier.

Foil on! After the foil
is applied, We use either a heat gun or hair dryer to make sure that the foil
is on there good.

we apply masking tape to the area’s we don’t want painted.

We will be making a sardine and a flying fish just for
your reference. We usually cover the gill and we will also cover the wing or
detail of the wing with the tape.

Making a scale effect on top of the lure. A fine mesh is what we use.
It is easy yet create a great look and depth to the lure.

We hit it with silver on top on the black.

For this step, let your imagine run wild but keep the color
transparent so any paint work that you have done before is not covered by your next

Next we hit it with black to bring create depth. Key to this
is to work from a large area to smaller area. Making sure you take your time.

Finally, its time to remove the masking tape.

And its ready for the first coat of clear.

quite a few coats of clear coat, we prepare for the next step and that is
assembling. Here is the rest of the components sued, consisting of stainless steel wire, tail
weight, front bonnet and an NT Swivel. The size of each of the components
depends on the size of the lure. We find that 2mm SS wire works great and doesn’t get stretched on a 120g lure.

2mm SS wire!

Final water test.  This one floats nice and
looks right. The lure will then get submerged for 48 hours to see if water does
get through or not if it gain any weight, it is rejected once again. If
everything is good after 48 hours, it is ready to be bag and ship!
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