Blaze Garage Saththa 120

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Blaze Saththa 120g Popper

Blaze Saththa 120g Popper is a new release into the Saththa family of poppers. The Saththa is an extremely balanced popper that casts a mile and is easy to pop for all levels of anglers. Highly regarded as a stand out GT Popper, super easy to use, holds the water fantastically and drives a great volume of water!

This 120 gram popper is a great all round searching popper for everything from Giant Trevally  GT, tuna, kingfish, mackerel, yellowtail and highly regarded by many anglers who have seen it, including Jonny Brooks Fishing,

Saththa (pronounce: sath-tha) in Thai means "Believe or To Believe".

The flared cup drives a bigger than average presence but is not difficult to work.

Horizontal tail loop delivers easy rigging , along with NT belly swivel.

120g (185mm), 5/0 GT Recorder trebles or 7/0 Shout Kudako singles, 45mm cup size


Review after first trip by Jonny Brooks Fishing: "One of the standout performers!"

* Slight variation in colours and foils may exist form batch to batch