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Blaze Saththa 150g Popper

Blaze Saththa Popper is an extremely balanced popper that casts a mile and is easy to pop for all levels of anglers. Highly regarded as a stand out GT Popper, super easy to use, holds the water fantastically and drives a great volume of water!

Saththa (pronounce: sath-tha) in Thai means "Believe or To Believe".

The flared cup drives a bigger than average presence but is not difficult to work.

Horizontal tail loop delivers easy rigging , along with NT belly swivel.

150g (210mm), 6/0 or 7/0 trebles, 50mm cup size

As described by legendary GT angler Mark Harris (RIP): "HUGE whoomph and splash, the 150 gram Saththa was the best new entrant to the GT popper market I have seen for many years".

Note: Some minor colour and foil differences may very form batch to batch due to the individual hand made nature of these lures