Catch Long John Slider Jig

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Catch Fishing Long John Slider Jig

Mechanical jig with sliding action

Catch Fishing Long John Slider Jig has been developed as a specialist Kingfish jig (Yellowtail Kingfish). This improved version of the jig is packed with features to help you get the bite. A great colour range and specific UV glow enhancements on jigs to switch fish on. Fish with a mechanical jigging technique.

  • Low profile fins gives long sideways darting motion

  • Stimulates aggressive action on the drop & retrieve

  • Machine balanced for perfect weight distribution

  • Super bright holographic finish to attract fish from further away

  • Rigged with strong 450lb Kevlar assist cord and 9/0 assist (150g) or 11/0 assist (200g, 300g) stainless steel hooks with flash

  • Stainless 300lb solid ring and 120lb assist cord split ring

Available in 150g (210mm), 200g (230mm), 300g (270mm)