CB One Bazoo 200 Popper

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CB One Bazoo 200 Popper - Sold Out 

Epic tuna casting Popper! LIMITED STOCK!

CB One Bazoo 200 is a hard to find Japanese tuna popper, with strong appeals to tuna, kingfish and bluewater beasts with a heavy pop sound that chews a lot of water while splashing a large amount of bubbles. The cylindrical shape reduces air resistance to maximise long casting distance. The unique cup shape enhances the amount of foam and water moved, making it easy to reliably decide to swim from the first action even under rough water. A great way to fish Bazoo is short continuous popping to raise fish, then a long pause to induce the heavy strike that tuna and kingfish are known for!

Hooks: Shout Treble 31 Size 3/0 or 4/0 or Singles in size 5/0 or 6/0 (Shout Ringed Kudako) or Yamai Suteki Crafters in 3/0

200mm long,  approx 96g unrigged