CB One Dixon 160 Popping Stickbait

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CB One Dixon 160 Popping Stickbait

Popper stickbait hybrid crossover!

Dixon is a light and agile swimming popper! A cross between a popper and diving pencil, and swims with a minnow-like action!  A small diameter cup delivers commotion and a bubble trail when you work it aggressively or swim with a lazy roll and kick when worked slow. Can also be fished as a walk the dog style lure and get a great reaction bite. A great lure for tuna feeding up on bait at all times. Dixon can be worked with a variety of retrieves, fast or slow to get the bite.
Ideal for kingfish, tuna and all round tropical flats action!

Hooks: Shout Treble 31 Size 1/0 or 2/0 or Singles in size 4/0 (Shout Ringed Kudako) or Yamai Suteki Crafters in 2/0

160mm long,  approx 52g