Deps Bull Shooter 160SS Slow Sink

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Deps Bull Shooter 160SS Slow Sink Glide Bait

Deps Bull Shooter 160 Slow Sink Glide Bait is ideal Murray Cod, barramundi and XL flathead sized glide bait with a S or Slalom style swim. Based on the Bluegill baitfish, the lure is ideal for seeking out big fish in Australian waters that eat swimbait style lures. Designed with a hard plastic body and a super-durable single joint, the Deps Bull Shooter 160 swims with a smooth gliding action and represents natural bait fish. Fished with a twitch and pause retrieve, the lure will slide and die like a natural lifelike fish.  Extremely lifelike, with a brilliant natural paint finish, inviting 3-D eyes, and soft rubber fins along the sides and at the rear. Fitted with two Size #1 tinned trebles, the Deps Bull Shooter 160 provides the perfect size, look, and action to tempt all big fish to eat!

Silent (no rattle)

160mm long, floating