EverGreen Amazon Topwater Pencil

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Evergreen Amazon Topwater Pencil

Evergreen Amazon topwater walk to the dog pencil bait is a long casting, huge action topwater lure! Great presence on the surface and casts like a dream, the Amazon has great body and head details and finished in sensational colours. Ideal for barra, but sensational as an option for ANY FISH THAT EATS SURFACE! The Amazon swims with a tight predictable walk the dog motion, it is easy to swim and after casting, at rest on the surface, the Amazon's tail is slightly submerged and the head of the lure floats above the surface from about the middle of its body forward. On first twitch of the rod tip, the bait is pulled forward and the tail comes up but goes right back down on slack line. PERFECT!

Rigged with 3 x #1 hooks, but if you are chasing big Aussie fish, drop back to 2 trebles (Shout T21 #2) and go hard!


16cm floating, 1.5oz (43g)

Made In Japan