Fish 30Acre Money Shad

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Fish30Acre Money Shad

Realistic profile swimbaits to take Aussie cod, barramundi & predators!

The Money Shad is exact to a full-grown 8" Gizzard Shad; tall body, blunt nose, and erect fins. On top of the realistic profile, the scale, gill, and fin details are impeccable. This creates a clean and uniform skin across the body that allows taxidermy paint details to really stand out. When inspecting the details, you will notice that each and every scale has its own color and shine, allowing light to reflect and refract individually on the lure. Money Shad’s body proportions add to the realism and set it apart. It has all the proper biological characteristics, like the sharp keel edge on the belly, to the thin, transparent, flexible fins. The fins are all one part of the main body, and not added after, like other competitors.

Action: The hybrid action of the Money Shad will remind you of your standard multi-jointed swimbait, mixed with a single-jointed glidebait. It has a wide, meandering, snaking action to it that is very “fishy” looking in the water. Reel it slow, and it will swim wider. Speed it up, and it has a tighter swimming action to it. It will swim at any speed you give it and comes in a standard slow sink rate that will allow the lure to stay in the fish’s strikezone longer.

Lastly, fish this lure with confidence, knowing that you will have little to worry about in regard to its durability. The Money Shad is made using a custom formulated, industry first, shatterproof resin. If you accidentally cast it onto rocks, docks, trees, or bridge pilings, it is extremely unlikely to chip or have broken parts to the resin. The body of the lure also houses a strong, stainless steel wire harness that will give you the peace of mind horsing in heavy Murray Cod, barramundi, mulloway, flathead or other beasts!

Ideal for Murray Cod, Barramundi, jewies and predators in the water! Great baitfish pattern!

Fitted with Owner ST36 #1/0 trebles

8 inches (203mm)

3.5 ounces  (99 grams)

Slow Sink

Realistic flexible fins, simply gently straighten if they have any form of bend of twist in packaging. 

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