Fish 30Acre Shad Jig

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Fish 30Acre Shad Jig

Unique new Swim Jig!

Fish 30acre Shad Jig is like no other swim jig before it! It comes in two different sizes, each with a slow sink or fast sink fall rate. Each model comes pre-rigged with a premium 4/0 Trokar swimbait hook and trailer keeper, held on with a heavy-duty split ring. This gives the Shad Jig a joint in the middle of the bait that helps with hook ups, keeps fish pinned during a fight, and allows more movement to your added trailer.

Each version comes with an added hook hanger on the belly. This gives you plenty of options; add a treble hook for fishing open water, add an underspin harness with your favorite willow leaf blade, or get creative and fish a fast sink Shad Jig under a slow sink Shad Jig.

All models will sink horizontally in the water column, giving you a more realistic presentation. And the slow sink models do something no other swim jig can do; linger longer in the strike zone. If you notice in the video, upon stopping the lure, the skirt will flare open to help entice strikes. The trailer you decide to go with can also alter specific sink rates.

Continuing with Fish 30acre’s forte, the Shad Jig has hyper realistic details and impeccable paint schemes!

Green Gizzard Shad colour design!  Fitted with Trokar 4/0 swimbait hook & screw on keeper

Shad Jig Small (Slow Sink) 0.5 ounces, 45mm body (100mm overall)

Shad Jig Small (Fast Sink) 0.75 ounces, 45mm body (100mm overall) 

Shad Jig Large (Slow Sink) 1.0 ounces, 60mm body (120mm overall)

Shad Jig Large (Fast Sink) 1.5 ounces, 60mm body (120mm overall)

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