Fish30Acre Dirty Shad

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Fish30Acre Dirty Shad

Fish30Acre are a handmade series of swimbaits direct from the USA & available exclusively in Australia at Ebb Tide Tackle!

Dirty Shad is specifically designed to deliver realistic swimming action and has a totally natural look, JUST LIKE A REAL FISH! Originally developed to mimic the Gizzard Shad, this shape is perfect for imitating many bait profiles.

They look battered and beaten, just how a baitfish meal should!

A natural shaped tall swimbait profile, that swims true and responds to a huge variety of retrieves.

Finished with an inbuilt swivelling belly hook to resist hooks being thrown

Ultra real hand-poured Silicone tail

Fitted with Owner ST41 #1 trebles

7 inches long (178mm)

2 ounces weight (57grams)

Moderate Sink

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