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Fun with frogs

Many people love to chase the many species of flathead and why not, they are so accessible and in summer months particularly they come into very shallow water to ambush their food sources.  This move in shallow gives everyone a chance, you don’t even need a boat.  There is no perfect location to find them but in any estuary or bay waters the combination of shallow water with a channel nearby, a weed bed and a rock or two will put you in with a better than average chance.  My favorite method is to cast these area’s thoroughly with a reasonably heavily weighted jig head of about 1/3 to 1/2 an ounce rigged with a paddle tailed shad soft bait, the 75 mm Squidgy Shad in any colour you choose is a great place to start.  I favor a hopping style of slow retrieve which is easily achieved by slow rod lifts.  Released for the fun of it or taken for some of the best seafood available, have a look in shallow.

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