Guston Lures V3 Casting Jig

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Guston Lures V3 Casting Jig

Ultra realistic small baitfish profile!

Note: These are a light tackle jig/lure, not suited to heavy tackle use.

Guston Lures are next level! So perfect they are nearly real! The V3 is a great size small baitfish light jig. Cast it, Jig it, the options are endless. Handmade by Guston Lure Works in Japan and now available in Australia right here! Available in several model sizes & colour designs, all ultra realistic. Flutter on the drop just like a dying bait fish and have a tight kicking swimming action when cast and retrieved at speed! Also available in abalone shell finish for extra deep flash and attraction!





Rigging suggestion:

Assist style rig (can be rigged as nose or tail assist): Yamai Suteki Maboroshi Plugging Single 1/0  Click to buy now Size 4 ring Click to buy now

Tail Single rig: Shout Ringed Kudako Size 1/0 or 2/0 Click to buy now & Size 4 ring Click to buy now