Guston Woofer 230 Popper

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Guston Lures Woofer 230 Popper

Big Jet Bubble Popper!

Guston Lures Woofer Popper delivers a long swimming Jet bubble action. Handmade in Japan from the finest timber and materials, every Guston is uniquely finished with custom details and foil work. The Woofer is designed for GTs, big tuna, kingfish, marlin, billfish and all topwater predators! Available in a range of other sizes, check them out here at Ebb Tide Tackle. Don't forget, each lure is 100% handmade by Guston Lure Works in Japan and now available in Australia right here! Available in several model sizes & colour designs, all ultra realistic. Our range features the Magma foil finish.

230mm long, 115 to 130g (variation expected due to natural timber)

Rigging suggestion:

Size 4/0 or 5/0 class trebles