Heru Cubera


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Heru Cubera Popper

Heru Cubera poppers are well proven as one of the best value premium bluewater casting poppers made!

Solid Timber body, NT belly swivel and full wire construction mean they are up to the toughest test. One of the nosiest poppers out there! 

The range of sizes available make these poppers suitable for a wide range of species and applications from inshore kingfish to the biggest nomad tuna and GTs in the ocean.

Customised "Ebb Tide" logo.

Heru Cubera is available in a wide range of sizes:

40gm (110mm)

60gm (130mm)

80gm (140mm)

100gm (150mm)

125gm (160mm)

150gm (180mm)

180gm (210mm)

Heru Cubera

Heru Cubera

$54.95 - $76.95
Heru Cubera
$54.95 - $76.95