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Heru Skipjack in review

Product guide – Heru Skipjack

Lovely yellowtail kingfish by Sydney gun Hayley Bonicci on Skipjack
Seth Hartwick swears by skipjack!
focus in this blog is the Heru Skipjack which was previously marketed in Australia as
the Nomad Skipjack.  It was designed to be a hybrid lure – to bridge the gap between a popper and a skipping pencil, it is fact a pencil popper! 
Brilliantly weighted to cast very well with little effort it is a lure that is versatile in that it can be retrieved a number of different ways to attract different species as well as matching their sometimes fickle feeding habits. Manufactured from 60 to 150g Skipjack is deadly on tuna (especially yellowfin), GT’s, yellowtail kingfish, reef species and especially sailfish.

Skipjack is pencil popper that can be chugged by lowering the rod tip, with a relatively slow sweep seeing the small cup dig in an chug with an enticing swim and bubble trail – think very low effort!

By lifting the rod tip, the rod tip can be worked with a rhythmic short that will produce a jerky walk-the-dog action while work it fast will imitate a longtom or garfish skimpering across the flat.

working a Skipjack = easy

Heru Skipjack comes in four sizes –

60g (160mm)

90g (180mm)
120g (210mm)
150g (230mm)

and currently in five great colors at Ebb Tide

Blue Dog
Black Widow
Green Machine
Purple Dayz
Red Rocket

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