Heru Skipjack


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Heru Skipjack

All round Pencil popper & Surface walker

Heru Skipjack a very versatile surface lure as it can be chugged or fast burned across the surface. Especially useful for prospecting large fish holding areas or for when the fish are a bit shy.

It makes a big pop when chugged, leaves a long bubble trail on a straight, fast retrieve and casts extremely well.

Skipjack can be fished all day with minimum angler fatigue and the hits it draws when fast burned across the surface have to be seen to be believed! Also effective on Queenfish, Mackeral, Wahoo, Kingfish and a host of other reef and pelagic species.  

Customised "Ebb Tide" logo.

Heru Skipjack available in:

30g (145mm) 

40g (150mm)

60g (160mm)

90g (180mm)

120g (210mm)

150g (230mm)

180g (250mm)

Heru Skipjack

Heru Skipjack

$59.95 - $74.95
Heru Skipjack
$59.95 - $74.95