Heru Tuna

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Heru Tuna

Surface blooping popper, ideal for pelagics and reef flats

Heru Tuna is a small faced popper, great for calm to moderate conditions and long distance casting.

The smaller cup face means it can be worked fast & in calmer shallower water where fish may be spooky, can be just the lure to get results.

A very versatile popper that should always be in your bag. It casts like a bullet and has a great action. A great lure for everything from GT’s to Tuna to Kingfish.

Features NT Belly Swivel and heavy duty wiring. Customised "Ebb Tide" logo.

Heru Tuna available in:

60g (160mm) NEW RELEASE SIZE!

80g (180mm)

100g (190mm)

120g (210mm)