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Heru Wahoo in review

Product guide – Heru Wahoo stickbait

In focus in this Ebb Tide Tackle blog is the Heru Wahoo stickbait which was previously marketed as the Nomad Dogtooth in Australia. It is designed to deliver an amazing side-to-side darting action, making the Wahoo a favorite of anglers and fish alike!
Wahoo has neutral buoyancy and can
be worked slowly with a twitch and pause retrieve, simply a flat retrieve or right up to super
fast skittering across the surface for the ultimate reaction strike, it is that easy to work! 
Southern Bluefin – no problem
of the longest standing and most proven big fish stickbaits in the
world. Whether it is casting for kingfish, GTs, mackerel, tuna or any
other large pelagic or smaller inshore or reef species, these lures
excel. They are also an awesome trolling lure for for many species including marlin, tuna and
40g (145mm)
60g (170mm)
80g (190mm)
100g (210mm)
125g (225mm)
150g (245mm)
200g (265mm)

Constructed from quality hardwood with through wiring, NT swivel and Heru‘s quality paint and foiling, Wahoo (and indeed all Heru’s) are built to be fished without fear of breaking the bank account.
The following is a fairly straightforward and forthright review by one of the global leaders in GT fishing, Captain Ed Nicholas from No Boundaries Oman – 
Beast in Southern Oman on Heru Wahoo
Quick shout out to Ebb Tide Adventures who recommended the Heru Wahoo. I
have used loads of their Poppers but this was new in my collection. If
there is an easier big stick bait to use i am yet to find it, a very
simply walk the dog creates an irresistible action with the lure rolling
over and swimming in a lovely S action .. time to order more. I also
enjoyed sharing more big fish days with my great friend & GT legend
Bertrand Picarda”
 Check the range in store here

Kiwi action on Heru Wahoo on Enchanter –

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