Heru Wahoo


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Heru Wahoo

Level sinking stickbait, aka Heru Dogtooth

Wahoo delivers an amazing side-to-side darting action, making the Wahoo a favourite of anglers and fish alike!

Wahoo has neutral buoyancy and can be worked slowly with a twitch and pause retrieve just under the surface, or right up to super fast skittering across the surface for the ultimate reaction strike!

One of the longest standing and most proven big fish stickbaits in the world. Whether it is casting for Kingfish, GTs, mackerel, Tuna or any other large pelagic or smaller inshore or reef species, these lures excel. They are also an awesome trolling lure for marlin, tuna and wahoo. Was widely used and known years ago by Nomad Fishing Charters in Australia.

Also know as Heru Dogtooth. Customised "Ebb Tide" logo.

Heru Wahoo available in a wide range of sizes:

40g (145mm)

60g (170mm)

80g (190mm)

100g (210mm)

125g (225mm)

150g (245mm)

200g (265mm)

Heru Wahoo

Heru Wahoo

$65.95 - $82.95
Heru Wahoo
$65.95 - $82.95