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Interesting Finding

Interesting finding of a tumour in a flathead taken from Port Philip Bay

During a recent fishing trip off Carrum, a flathead was caught with a severe lesion around its lower jaw. Fortunately it was possible to sample the lesion and have Panaquatic’s consultant veterinary pathologist, Dr John Humphrey, examine the tissue to determine what the lesion was. The lesion was a tumour known as a fibroma. It was confined to the lower mouth region and had not spread through to any other organs in the fish.
This type of tumour can affect a wide range of fish species. A single case like this is generally not a cause for concern. However, it would be interesting to know if any other flathead have been caught that have similar lesions as multiple findings of this type of lesion on this species of fish from one location would be interesting.

Paul Hardy-Smith

Principal Veterinarian
Panaquatic Health Solutions Pty Ltd
23rd October 2011
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