Jack Fin Lara 135S

Jack Fin

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Jack Fin Lara 135-S Stickbait

'Like A Real Anchovy' - Limited Edition stickbait NEW COLOURS JUST ARRIVED!

L.A.R.A is a sinking stickbait that imitates one of the most common fish preyed by tuna: the anchovy. The unique natural shape and the tight, jerky action of this lure, is a near perfect reproduction of the natural swimming action and behaviour of the anchovy bait fish. Jack Fin Lara is particularly effective when predators are focused on feeding on the small bait fish. With its weight and its balance can be used with heavy tackles set up, such as heavy Tuna casting gear.

The aerodynamic shape guarantees great casting distance. This lure is designed for heavy fishing, 1.6mm stainless steel through wire, several layers of extra strong gloss finish.

Ideal hook setups (Hook size is a general guide): 

Ideal for kingfish, mackerel, wahoo, all tuna species & all reef predators. ANYTHING THAT EATS AN ANCHOVY PROFILE!

Length: 135mm

Weight: 53g (unrigged)

NOTE- This lure is designed to hunt down pelagic fish, don't be afraid to use it at speed! It isn't a nancy-pancy twitchy stop kinda thing!! This ain't no crossover!

Jack Fin Lara 135S

Jack Fin Lara 135S

Jack Fin Lara 135S

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