Jack Fin Pelagus 165-F

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Jack Fin Pelagus 165-F

Jack Fin Pelagus 165-F is a floating stickbait specifically designed for tuna fishing, but will be great on Yellowtail Kingfish and any pelagics.

Swimming action can be customised with various retrieves including long jerking, short jerking and WTD.

Its sinuous action has already proved itself in feeding frenzies and shut down single fish occasions. The aerodynamic shape guarantees great casting distance.

Ideal hook setups:

* Belly Treble 2/0 Shout T31 or ST66, Tail Single 6/0 Shout Kudako

* Belly Only: 7/0 Shout T31

* Tail Only: Single 6/0 Shout Kudako

* Two Trebles: 2/0 Shout T31 or ST66

This lure is designed for heavy fishing, 1.6mm stainless steel through wire, several layers of extra strong gloss finish.

Length: 165mm

Weight: 50g

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