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Jack Fin Pelagus 165-S 'Tuna Champions' Edition

Are you going to take the barbless single challenge to be a Tuna Champion?

Exclusive "Tuna Champion" edition of one of the most successful tuna stickbaits in the world! Available in Aussie Redbait and Mackerel (NEW!) colours ONLY. Comes fully rigged with one barbless single Yamai Crafters 3/0 hook! Special price includes fully rigged lure & the honour of being a true Tuna Champion!

Pelagus 165-S is a sinking stick-bait specifically designed for Tuna fishing. With an enticing wobble as it sinks, this lures attracts fish from a long way! A versatile lure, Pelagus lends itself to multiple retrieve actions and its aerodynamics ensures great casting performances. This lure in designed for heavy fishing: fully wired with 1.8 mm stainless steel and the colours are protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish. A brilliant tuna stickbait with a huge pedigree!

Length: 165mm

Weight: 75g

Brought to you by Tuna Champions, Ebb Tide Tackle & Jack Fin Lures.

STANDARD MODEL & MORE COLOURS ALSO AVAILABLE AT: https://www.ebbtidetackle.com/jack-fin-pelagus-165-s/

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