Jack Fin Stylo 240

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Jack Fin Stylo 240

Stylo 240 is the largest of the Jack Fin Stylo family. It is a perfect imitation of garfish, and for this reason it has proved particularly attractive on bluefish and leerfish in development at Jack Fin HQ in Europe. Thanks to its size, it can also be used in conditions of strong wind and rough seas. It is armed with treble hooks capable of fighting fighting with large predators. It is 24 cm long and its weight of 45gr allows very long casts. It has a through armor and the coloring is protected by several layers of extra resistant epoxy resin.

Like the Stylo 210 and the new smaller Stylo 150, lure performance is great with a variety of retrieve actions. From fast aggressive retrieve for active feeding predators, to slow inconsistent wounded baitfish style retrieve action. 

  • length: 240 mm
  • weight: 45 gr
  • action: floating
  • trebles: BKK FANGS 4X # 1 (Belly)
                  BKK FANGS 4X # 1/0 (Tail)

The design of the Stylo is a worldwide registered model.

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