Jignesis ZJ-7S Zenith jigging hook

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Jignesis Zenith Jigging Hook Strong Alloy 420J2 Material, a high corrosion resistance steel that will keep the hook point sharp for a longer time when out in the salty sea. It does not get rusty!

Long taper hook point that allows better penetration on hook up

Enlarged barb for to keep the fish on the hook and from dislodging during the fight

Hook are flattened and heat treated to increase strength.

Size 7/0    - 6 hooks p/pk

Size 9/0    - 5 hooks p/pk

Size 11/0  - 4 hooks p/pk

Size 13/0  - 3 hooks p/pk

Size 15/0  - 2 hooks p/pk

Perfect as a jigging single or baker rig hook for stickbaits or poppers