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Kuala Rompin day 15

Day 15 on the water in Malaysia was another cracker though an afternoon monsoon cut the day short.   6 sails from 9 hook ups was a solid return and the first time we had a serious run at trolling skirts, live baits have been largely doing the job.  The Jaks Baby Zeus in Lumo was a popular offering with the sails and other toothy critters.  It was also a great day for a swim out there!   Three more days on the water for me till home time.  Click on the images for an enlarged higher resolution.

From the water….

Jaks Baby Zeus felled sail



Needle nose long tom…. grrrrr pest

Pretty, pretty fish

Swimming with sails take 3

Go Angie!!!!


Netso with sail on 8 kg line – light tackle guru….

Ahuat (Joey) the deckie hooked up to a sail on a metal blade

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