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Kuala Rompin final days – the wrap up

Days 16, 17 and 18 have been somewhat of a mixed affair.
Day 16 started off nice but the winds blew stronger as the morning went on and we were heading for land just after lunch in rough sea’s, two fish from five strikes rounded out the morning and I did not take a single photo that day as the spray was bad, this also resulted in a camera malfunction that saw me not able to use the camera at all on day 17.
Day 17 resulted in much better conditions with new crew Jay Furniss and his mates Keiran and Scott from Singapore.  Seven landed from 10 hookups and plenty of other opportunities whilst filming with Jay an upcoming episode of Savage Sea’s Adventures on C31.  The final day was a modest six landed from eight hookups with so many uninterested sails around the boat, it seems they were perhaps going softer on the bite with the full moon perhaps.  The final tally for the trip was119 fish hooked up and fought with 66 bought to the boat – world class fishing.  Thanks to our hosts Charles and Angie from Hook on C Adventures.  I will certainly be back.

Hooked up to the final sail of the trip…

Jay Furniss finest angle

Charles and Angie – Hook on C Adventures

Underwater filming

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