Little Jack Forma Heads

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Little Jack Forma Heads Sinking Stickbait

Brilliant sinking stickbait for tuna and pelagics! Perfect for small baitfish feeders like Southern Bluefin Tuna. The Little Jack Forma Head swims with a great jerk style retrieve. Fast paced, or let it sink down around bait balls as it flutters on the drop.

Can be fished with a variety or retrieves, long sweeps, fast erratic twitches and even a steady wind. Perfectly sized at 105mm long and solid 52g in weight, with a fully through wired construction and ABS body. Forma Heads has an inverted cupped mouth, that also catches water and delivers extra action. Available in a range of brilliant natural finishes that southern bluefin tuna, kingfish, longtail tuna and other fish will smash! A great value lure to get you into it and enjoying stickbait lure casting for tuna!

Comes rigged with #2 trebles (ideal to swap to #1/0 or 2/0 Shout Ringed Kudako singles)

105mm, 52g