Little Jack Gorgon swimbait

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Little Jack Gorgon Swimbait

Little Jack lures are developed to act and look as natural as possible. Over 20 years of refinement has gone into much of their range. Gorgon is a 4 piece swimbait that swims naturally and has serious terminals, straight out of the pack with 1/0 trebles. Designed to work at a range of retrieves, from dead slow to a rapid swim. The lure responds well to extra rod action and reel input. Sensational detail, with soft realistic fins and an action that makes the lure head slightly float up if you stop the retrieve. Tuned to be floating in seawater and dead slow sink/suspending in freshwater. a lure that is great value, easy to work and very realistic!

Length: 188mm

Weight: 58.6g (2ounces)

Rigged with 1/0 heavy duty trebles (Owner)

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