Mazzy Vib Ninja Sound (NS)

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Harima Mazzy Vib' Ninja Sound is a near silent model of the perfectly balanced Mazzy Vibe weighing in at 12.8g and 60mm long, it is one of the most versatile lures on the market. Stealthy like a ninja with only a subtle soft tungsten rattle!

Senastaional on the troll, hop bottom,retrieve mid/top water or slow roll up/down verically, this lure will pull fish from anywhere with there irresistable sound and action. Even at dead slow retrieve you get the slightest ticking sound and you can still feel your lure working the rod tip with its perfect native thumping action. Mazzy Vibe is so balanced it sits upright on the bottom and wont lay over, so it makes it alot easier to immitate a feeding or bedding bait fish, just let the mazzy sit there, give it a light twicht or 2, slow roll/retrieve and let it sit again.

Just repeat these steps and persist, and your fishing experience will improve with the Mazzy Vib'!

Mazzy Vibe Ninja Sound NS60mm, 12.5g sinking vibe