Megabass Anthrax

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Megabass Anthrax

ANTHRAX IS BACK! Limited Time Only

Megabass Anthrax is a lure like no other! Totally unique in action! Designed to imitate a wounded baitfish on the surface, the takes on this lure are extraordinary! Actually sitting "upside down", the Anthrax actually ‘rolls’, with its belly up and the large anal fin creates a wake disturbance on the surface of the water. Under the surface, a unique scrambled effect that a hardbody can usually not make. The Anthrax delivers action like no other lure!

The beauty of this lure is the different ways you can work it! This floating surface lure can be used wake-bait style but slow rolling the retrieve with keeping the rod tip high, where the lure will created a side-to-side disturbance as the lure swims across the surface of the water. If you want the lure to continue a constant swim, but want it sub-surface, lower the trod tip and keep winding the reel. With this sub-surface crank retrieve the lure will swim up to 30cm deep. If you want to create more attention to the Anthrax a popping or blooping retrieve can work well, where small twitches are made down with the rod tip when the lure is on top of the water. This is the most audible way to fish the Anthrax, as it does cause quite a loud bloop and splash when done correctly. However, the most consistent retrieval would have to be the rip and pause technique. This is where vigorous twitches or rips are made down with the rod tip in quick succession, followed by a pause. Often 3-6 rips followed by a 5-10sec pause will provoke the fish into striking the lure, where the dual trebles will do the rest.


83mm long

11gram (3/8oz)

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