Megabass Giant Dog-X

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Megabass Giant Dog-X

Megabass Giant Dog-X has been a favorite of topwater enthusiasts for years all across the world. Featuring an incredible attention to detail, realistic profile, and a unique side-to-side, roll-walking action, the Giant Dog-X draws vicious surface strikes with only a slight twitch of the rod tip. Its characteristic roll-walking action is what separates the Giant Dog-X from its competitors. Generated by the Megabass balancer system, this unique action allows more of Giant Dog-X’s realistic side-profile to be seen by the fish, which is in stark contrast to other lures in its class that only allow the bottom of the bait to be seen from below.

The lures are designed with internal ball bearings allowing for side-to-side, roll-walking actions, which also maximises and increases the exposure to fish alongside the lure.

Giant Dog X produces an S-shape wake on the surface of the water while the lure is rolling and creating a small splash on a slow retrival.

Length: 98mm

Weight 1/2oz (14grams)