Megabass Kagelou 124

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Megabass Kagelou 124

KAGELOU 124 is a shallow running pencil style lure, originally designed for huge sea bass. It is ideal for shallow flats, pelagics like tuna and any fish hunting bait like pilchard, sardine, anchovy. 

The lure has a large cut open darter cup which produces a fine natural rolling action in a slow to medium retrieve. As speed is increased, the action increases and speeds up. Adopting a varied action to shift to a roll action with some slides.

The Kagelou 124 is shallow running, anywhere from the surface to 20cm down. An ideal lure to mimic fleeing baitfish getting chased down by kingfish and tuna.

In addition, the newly developed LBO II (PAT.) Is adopted for the weight system. The LBO is shaftless, and the system achieves further improvement in center-of-gravity movement efficiency and low center-of-gravity movement, resulting in amazing flight distance and overwhelming swimming performance.

Rigged with 3x #4 trebles (Recommend upgrade trebles to Shout T21 #4 (or #2 if wanting oversize). Also Shout Ringed Kudako 1/0 singles

Length 124mm

Weight: 22g