Megabass Vatalion SW

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Megabass Vatalion SW Swimbait

Slow sink swimbait twitchbait lure for native swimbait fishing!

VATALION SW is a slow sinking version of the famous Megabass Vatalion swimbait. Slightly heavier at 43g (compared to 39gm) and with a stronger gauge set of trebles, the lure is designed to sink very slowly on the pause.

The same size as 4.5inches and jointed matching perfect food and bait that many natives cannot resists. , is a big joint plug that targets the Lancer Seabass that prey on large baitfish in large rivers, estuaries and surf. A strong appeal to the Lancer Seabass by the synergetic effect of the intense flushing produced by the large flat side body and the glossy action by the joint body. Please experience the overwhelming fishing ability of the next generation big joint plug.

With a slow retrieve the Vatalion SW has swimming quick turns and a slightly faster retrieve will deliver a heavier vibration rolling action. Can be fished in a start start retrieve to imitate a wounded or dying fish.

Like all Megabass lures, Vatalion SW is built with super realistic details, paint jobs that reflect multiple colors at different angles and sticky sharp Japanese treble hooks in Size #1.

Note - we have had some spectacular success on Murray cod with the Vatalion from Lake Eildon, Mulwala, the rivers and Copeton Dam - watch this Vatalion SW dominate as well!

We upgrade trebles (and rings) to the Shout Treble 21 or Treble 31 in Size 1 for maximum benefit to stop BIG COD!


43 grams