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New and restocked products in the Lure Locker

 Update 8/2/2015
Latest additions / restocked products to the store

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A big range of Jaks in Zeus and Zeus Jnr sizes
Gamakatsu GT Recorder bulk and two hook packs as well as Gamakatsu split rings

Re stocked Hitter Jump Frogs

SOLD OUT in minutes

A major re stock of hPa including new products

Update 29/12/14
Latest additions / restocked products to the store

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NEW – Global Release – Adhek Flying Fish

hPa split ring pliers

Temple Reef mesh lure bags
Toray ‘Super Strong’ PE

NEW – Jack Fin Lures Argo 75, Stylo 210 (sold out) and Salty Dog 100
NEW – Ebb Tide crew shirt
NEW – BCS Wavewalker 200 (120 grams)
NEW – BCS Wavewalker 200 (120 grams)

NEW – BCS Wavewalker 200 (120 grams)

NEW – BCS Wavewalker 200 (120 grams)
NEW – Jaks Trinity
Busted Fishing Reel Spoolers

Update 16/11/14
Latest additions / restocked products to the store

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Hitter Aurora Stars – in two sizes

Jaks Zeus Jnr
Major re stock of Strategic Angler – all models
Temple Reef Ballista Bull’s and Detonators
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Update 19/10/14
Sorry we have been slack updating this – recent additions / restocked items over the last month include –

THE premier GT treble – the Gamakatsu GT Recorder is 6/0 and 7/0 available in 2 packs
We had a major restock on Strategic Angler – sadly many are sold but there are a few left if you are quick!
We have added the Hitter Aurora Star to our growing range of this very popular and well made range

 Much more stock is on the way, and we may even have some of our very own fishing shirts in the pipeline 😉

Update 13/9/2014
New and restocked gear added into the Lure Locker in the last 3 weeks

Adhek Viking 1 and Big Buffalo in our new skull art colors Lucifer and Badness
Lurenzo Espetron re-stock including new colors

A new range of larger JB Lures for chasing big blue and black marlin

A re-stock of many Adhek products including the new Super Duper Penipen

A re-stock of Lurenzo Handmade Don Belone including new colors

Toray Super Strong PE in joined spools from PE2 to PE12

Update 20/8/2014
New stock added into the Lure Locker in the last couple of weeks

A variety of Shout! Japanese quality terminals

Ebb Tides very own sun protection bandanas
A top – up of Strategic Angler Custom Lures
Ego – Southern Parallel light jigging rods

 More new stock and resupplies on the way.  Check us in-store here

Update 31/7/2014
Blink and you will miss it!  We welcomed a supply of Craftbait GT3’s 190’s to the store and they disappeared inside of 24 hours.  




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we have more stock on the way and an expanded range to inclure the 150 and 170 gram models.

Also fresh in store are the excellent Bouz line cutters, an essential item for friction knot enthusiasts see them in store here

Bouz II Line Cutter


Update 19/7/2014
We have had a big week in the store, with plenty of
new products, expansion of existing ranges and restocking best sellers.
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Hitter Lures Jump Frogs are a total new addition.
Available in two sizes, 45mm and 50mm at 10 and 15gm weight respectively, these
frogs have a first class action. Five colors are available. We have phenomenal
success during sample testing in the Northern Territory; you can review the trip report here and discover the range available in
the online store here

Vision Sportfishing skipper Benjamin Currell gives
this recommendation,
“I can say without question that these are
the most effective topwater presentation for Saratoga I have ever used. Fished
side by side with my usual favorites they received close to a 3:1 strike rate.
Combining the qualities of a hardbody and a weedless frog, they simply cannot
be beaten. Caught their fair share of Barra too, and I’m confident they will be
dynamite on Bass and Murray Cod in the south.” – BEN CURRELL, Vision
The Hitter Aurora “Swim” stickbait has been a popular
model for a long time in the store and these have been restocked. We have managed
to source a range of the tail weighted version of the existing model. The
“Walk” is available in 120, 140 and 160gm in a range of colors and will be
ideal for a range of species like kingfish, mackerel, tuna, GT’s and more. It
sits tail down at rest and gets an aggressive action.  Check them out here

Hitter Aurora ‘Swim’ to compliment the existing ‘Walk’ range

The Hitter X-Slide is a
brand new model that we are excited about! X-Slide is a realistic, natural shaped
stickbait that is built tough to last, with flowing natural curves & deep
flat sides. This “slide” bait is best fished with a long sweep
and pause style retrieve, giving it time to swim seductively. It’s a lot of
lure for it’s size! Available in two sizes;
Slide 120: 220mm body, 120gm and X Slide 170: 250mm body, 170gm
Check it out here

Hitter X slides, new to Australia

Continuing on the Hitter Lures this week, a big
restock of existing models like the Kimitsu 150gm popper that we had ultimate
success with in Oman early this year, including some lovely abalone versions
Hitter Kimitsu in abalone underbelly
We also added a smaller version of the Hitter Kimitsu
popper to our range.
This 120gm (210mm) model boasts a solid 45mm diameter cup & still moves plenty of water
with ease. Kimitsu 120 is an ideal popper for someone new to popping, younger
kids and just for casting all day. It can be seen here in the store.
We pride ourselves as the biggest stockist of Temple Reef
lures in Australia and the range increased this week. The highly anticipated
range of Geneo Kustom “GK” colors are now in the range in Temple Reef Ballista
Bull 160 and can be seen here in the store.

Adding to the range, the all new Temple Reef ‘Slither’
stickbait is now available! Three sizes (110, 150 & 170gm) and three
colours are available in this tail down floating stickbait. Also available in the GK designed colour range here.

Temple Reef Slithers and Ballista Bulls in GK colors

In other news, our Ebb Tide Adventures hoodies are currently
being manufactured and we should see them very soon and they will be shipped
out immediately.

Update 12/7/2014
New in this week are a range of JB Lures – we are pleased to be associated with these local legends – we are stocking the Micro Dingo, Little Dingo, Dingo and Little Ripper.  Check the range here.  We have also restocked the popular Varivas split rings in 200lbs and 400lbs see here

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New in this week for the first time are Temple Reef Lambo 150s and Ballista Bull 160 in abalone finish.  Check them in store here

Also new this week we had a big restock on Strategic Angler Custom Lures in Mikros, Frantic, Walker and Cruiser models.  There were some first time customs in the Gemstone series and some tuna patterns that did not make it to the store, please contact us for back orders.  You can see our stock here 

Finally – we are doing a pre order of hoodies with our new logo, we will not be holding stock on these so if you want one, you need to order one now – this ends Sunday evening, order will be placed with the printer on Monday – if you want one, please click here

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