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New Release – Adhek Bali Viking Popper

New Product Release in the Ebb Tide Adventures Lure
Locker  – The Adhek Bali Viking
Ebb Tide Adventures Lure Locker is proud to introduce the
Adhek Bali Viking.  This is a series of surface
poppers squarely aimed at GT’s and is available in two sizes, VIKING I
(21cm/160gm) and VIKING II (19cm/120gm). 
Pak Adheks design concept for this popper was simple, it must pop easily
and also hold in well in rough water. 
This design has achieved those goals, it is a great popper to use absolutely
anywhere but excels when the water is rough, resisting tumbling down waves and
blowing out of the water almost impossibly at times.  The prototype phase of this lure was quite
short for this lure; quite simply the original concept worked so well and
caught many fish and in Adheks very to the point summary “the lure has good
balance, big splash and easy chug”. 
I had the opportunity to fish both sizes of the Viking in
late November 2013 and it lived up to all expectations and actually accounted
for my last fish of the trip and four hits overall.  I was an immediate fan, not just because it caught
fish but it did not require great effort to work and cast almost as good as any lure I have used especially punching into the wind.
Globally Ebb Tide Adventures is proud to be the first to
receive both models of the Viking – it is available in limited quantities in
four standard colors and one full holographic – please visit the Lure Lockers
to see more.  Please note international
customers (non Australian) can order from the Lure Locker by contacting us HERE and a PayPal invoice can be sent.

Check out the two models right here VIKING I
and the smaller VIKING II

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