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New Release – Adhek Seahorse sinking swim bait

By John Cahill

New Product! Available exclusively at Ebb Tide Adventures Lure Locker!

Adheks deck-hand with a nice Bali GT on Seahorse
Fresh from the stable of Adhek Amerta is the Seahorse sinking swim / stick bait.  Legendary custom top water lure maker Adhek first started developing this swim bait approximately two years ago.  Whilst living in Bali in 2012, I was fortunate to see a number of prototype versions whilst I fished extensively with him.  This production version however absolutely shone through.  
The Seahorse on charter
The lures outstanding success has shown them to have a worthy place in the sinking swim / stick bait market and with their arrival on Australian shores via the Lure Locker – please let us tell you all about them!

Another Seahorse GT victim
In February – this lure dominated for Andy!
The Adhek Bali Seahorse is at this time only available in one size and is designed specifically for big GT’s in fast or deep water.  At 250mm in length and 180 grams in weight un-rigged, it is made of super durable hardwood mahogany. 1.5mm stainless through-wire construction and Owner belly swivels complete the robust construction. 
The Seahorse is specifically weighted to sink slightly tail first and fast! 
Recommended rigging is with 2 x 5/0 or 6/0 trebles.
This somewhat peculiarly shaped lure requires absolutely no angler input other than once cast, wait a few seconds for it to sink to the desired depth, then a start a slow to medium retrieve with a low rod tip – that’s all that’s required.  It is actually that simple to make it swim seductively side to side, a great lure to go to when things are tough. 
Craig Spicer with a nice GT on Seahorse
 Extra action can be imparted with a methodical light beating of
the rod tip, but is not essential. This lure is dynamite on the slow
surface action days. 

In the strong currents so common in Bali (and many other GT hot spots worldwide), a lure that get’s well below the surface commotion that you can stay in contact with can be vital for success – enter this lure, it gets eaten!  Cast, pause, wind; perfect.  

Andy again!
Ebb Tide Adventures Lure Locker is the first to have this new lure on offer and in five exciting colors.  Check them all here!

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