NT Power Swivels Pack

NT Swivels

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NT Power Swivels Pack

NT Swivels are regarded as the ultimate swivel and used all over the world! Japanese made, corrosion resistant, spin freely and insanely strong for their size!

A size to cover every application! 1/0 to 3/0 is the most popular for GT and bluewater lures fishing in the PE8 to 10 class. Size 3 to 1 are most popular for PE2 to 3 light tackle applications. 

Swivel Size Strength (kg) # per pack
4 89 10
3 96 9
2 133 7
1 189 6
1/0 212 5
2/0 316 4
3/0 360 3
4/0 430 2
5/0 540 2











Do you need more than a handful in a pack? We have the entire range of pack sizes available! Check out the other options:

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NT Power Swivels Pack

NT Power Swivels Pack

NT Power Swivels Pack